Hello, my name is Georgia.

It’d be easier to describe myself as anything but a writer, but being a writer is in my bones. I’m a writer who doesn’t write. So this is my way of making sure that I actually write something.

One most days, I do other things instead: read as much as I can (very little these days), watch YouTube video essays on films and explainer videos (the Vox series on Netflix is good), and listen to Indie Pop on Spotify while saving podcast links to check out later (I recommend checking out The Good Place’s podcast – yes it’s the TV show).

I take photos and make videos, but nothing compares to writing a good story. I like to work in the dark, and am bummed that real life is not a game of dnd.

I will plan a general to do list when travelling, but won’t mind diverging from that path ‘cause I get to explore. I like to listen to others tell their stories. Tell me: what’s your story?